Elite Consulting Recruiting Package – Contact for pricing

Graduating year as of April 26th

Academic and athletic evaluation
Build/update profile or create new subscriber
Phone meetingmonthlymonthlybi-monthlyweekly
Highlight Filmcreate 1st/suggest improvementscreate sohopmore filmcreate Junior highlightsfinal film
Calculate new core GPA
Suggest Campsapplicable
Academic Advising/Monitoring
Assist with scheduling Junior days/visits
Narrow down next level optionsaccessaccessaccesssuggest options
Assist with registering for NCAA eligibility center
Campus visitsbased on academic evaluationbased on academic evaluationpreparationassistance
Prep for interaction with college coaches
College listpredict level of playcreate list of schoolsupdatedre-asses level of play
Advise on ACT/SAT - Suggest Tutor if applicablebased on academic evaluationbased on academic evaluationpreparationassistance
Social Mediacreate 1st accountmonitormonitormonitor
Discuss options to enhance chances of being recruited
Advise on committing, etc.
Create academic plan to recover any grades below a C
Recruiting Worksheet/Questionaire
All Access Recruiting Profile